Vertical Wall-Mounted Electric Radiator - Deko

Enhanced with a ground stone-like surface, the DEKO electric radiator is characterised by its slender shape, just 43 cm wide, 120 cm high, and 8 cm thick, perfectly proportioned to make it a great design piece, with an aesthetic impact, in your home.

DEKO is not just a radiator with a sophisticated design, above all it is about modern technology at your service.  The DUAL-THERM infrared red radiation and natural convection heating system, will be able to give a heating sensation beyond compare, that is long-lasting, pleasing, and embracing.

Heating style

Heating style

DEKO contains DUEL-THERM technology, that is, two different heating systems in a single product:  An aluminium element makes it possible to reach the required comfort level in the room quickly, as well as reacting quickly to fluctuations in temperature. A radiant element ensures that the front surface transmits constant, even heat, by radiation.

The electronic thermostat provides intelligent heat management, automatically reducing consumption when the temperature reaches the required level.

Control system

Control system

A) Multi-function electronic control unit, for precise comfort regulation:

- LED indicator
- Ambient thermostat
- ON/OFF switch

B) The ZEFIRO programmer (optional extra) can be used to regulate the temperature to within a tenth of a degree, and to program the radiator in terms of a daily and weekly timetable.



• Ultra flat, vertical design - only 8 cm thick
• DUAL-THERM double heating system
• Energy-saving technology with consumption optimisation
• High-precision electronic thermostat
• Provision for weekly programming, using the ZEFIRO programming timer (optional extra)
• Easy, quick installation using the built-in assembly kit, and zero maintenance costs
• Provision for selecting up to 5 different Operating Modes
• IP24 protection against sprayed water, ideal for installation in wet spaces as well



DEKO has the following technical characteristics:

EAN code
: 8019250987650

Dimensions (WxHxD): 43,0 x 120,0 x 8,0cm
Thickness from the wall 9,0cm
Power at 230V: 1000W
Electronic thermostat: Yes
Net weight: 14,0Kg
Color: White

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Climatic zones

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