Ceramic fan heater - COMPACT

Modern and trendy Design Compact ceramic Fan heater. Lightweight, extreme heating efficiency and silent function.


Heating style

Ceramic heater extremely compact in size. More energy efficient as compared to other space heaters. It can be easily carried from room to room due to its flat shape with only 8,5 cm. of depth.  Compact provides great value and energy efficiency, especially if you want to heat up a small area.

Control system

COMPACT features a large central 3 position knob, which allows you to choose among 2 different Power settings, according to your warm desire: 800W or 1200W. Comfortable and cosy air stream with only 1200W of max. power consumption


• Ultra Flat Design (with a thickness of 8,5 cm.)
• Comfortable and cosy air stream with 2 power settings: 800W and 1200W
• Silent Function
• ON/OFF Pilot Led light
• Air inlet removable and washable filter to protect the heater from heavy dust intake
• Tip over switch as additional protection to the already built in safety cut out.
• Overheating safety
• Ideal for well insulated environments and occasional use.


Compact has the following technical characterisitcs:

EAN code
: 8019250321126

Dimensions (WxHxD): 21,1 x 17,0 x 8,5cm
Power at 230V: 800/1200W
Ambient thermostat: Yes
Net weight: 1,2Kg
Color: Black



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