Fan heater with Programmable Digital Timer - CALYPSO DIGITAL


The new indirect heating portable fan heater is born: Calypso Digital. Design and functionality come together in a unique, elegant product that marks a step forward compared to other portable fan heaters on the market. It diffuses enveloping heat uniformly thanks to its indirect air emission. Extremely quiet operation, digital controls and programmable function on a daily basis: all of this is CALYPSO DIGITAL.

Heating Style

Heating Style

Thanks to the special rounded outlet grille, Calypso Digital generates indirectly a diffused heat into the environment, gifting you with an enveloping sensation of comfort - unlike the forced air pushed frontally by common fan heaters.

Calypso Digital is characterized by an extremely silent operation (-40% compared to other fan heaters) with two selectable power levels: 1000W or 2000W. In addition, the practical upper handle allows you to move Calypso where you need it the most easily. Calypso has an IP21 protection, so it can be placed into the bathroom or in other humid spaces too.

Control System

Control System

                                                                                                                                      Calypso Digital integrates an LCD screen and digital controls. Through these devices, you can set both the desired power (1000W / 2000W) and programme the desired temperature on a daily basis, according to your routine. 

5 operating modes: Summer ventilation, Comfort, Frost protection, Timer (0.5 / 1/2/4/8 hours) and Daily Programming. In addition, the AUTO Energy Saving function automatically reduces energy consumption.

The heat emitted by Calypso spreads quickly and takes care of you and of your comfort.


Modern design with glossy surfaces
• Circular air outlet grille for homogeneous heat diffused indirectly into the environment
• Comfortable air flow with 2 power levels: 1000W and 2000W
5 Operating Modes: Cold air ventilation, Comfort, Frost protection, Timer and Daily programming
AUTO Energy Saving Function
• Integrated LCD screen
Silent operation up to 40% less than other fan heaters
• Operation LED light
• Aluminum pedestal
• Overheating protection
IP21 humidity protection
• This product is suitable only for properly insulated environments or for occasional use.

EcoDESIGN Regulation compliant



Calypso Digital is only available in White / Blue Ocean:

EAN code
: 8019250997888

Dimentions (LxHxD): 34,5 x 32,2 x 18,5cm
230V power: 1000/2000W
Room thermostat: Yes
LCD screen: Yes
Timer: Yes
Daily programming: Yes
Transport handles: Si

Net weight: 2,25 Kg
Color: White / Ocean Blue Frame




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