Why electric radiators are perfect for your holiday home

Riscaldamento casa vacanze Radialight


Heating a holiday home when nobody lives there can be senselessly expensive, as the occasions when the house is actually occupied are sporadic and limited in time.

However, not doing so would lead to a lot of problems with the pipes, costing you a lot and quickly ruining your idyll of a relaxing holiday outside the city.

In particular, mountain homes need special attention to these factors as they are located in areas with a particularl exposition to extreme temperatures. 

First of all, to get the best result possible while maintaining low and customized energy consumption according to your needs you must make sure that your home is well thermally insulated. Otherwise heat emission would be dispersed causing unnecessary expenses and thwarting the action of the heating source.

If you have not done so yet, we recomment doing it before installing any kind of heating system.

To achieve good thermal insulation it is necessary to insulate the roof, the walls and - to ensure there are no drafts - the double glazing: in this way, heat dispersion will be consistently reduced.

The question now arises: what kind of heating system should you install?

Why going electric in your holiday home

  1. Having minimal installation costs, electric radiators require a much smaller initial investment than traditional central heating. They can be placed on the ground or wall-mounted, depending on the model; in the latter case, the only operation required is drilling the wall and applying the appropriate hooks to place the product. There is no need for heating technicians or electricians as no specialized knowledge is required. Maintenance costs are limited too because, unlike traditional gas heating, this kind of heating does not require expensive operations such as replacing the boiler.

  2. Through the anti-freeze mode, an electric heating system maintains the optimal temperature inside the temporarily uninhabited structure to avoid the structural problems that excessive cold can cause. In this way, the expenses will be reduced and - upon your return - heating the house will be easy, quick and without unpleasant surprises.
  1. Electric heating can be managed by a pre-set timer or manually run. As each radiator can operate independently, it is possible to lower the temperature in unused rooms, unlike traditional heating systems. Furthermore, functions such as open window sensor and presence sensor allow to limit further unnecessary heat loss. In this way, the possibility of customizing the action of the heating system saves on the bill and reduces energy waste considerably.

  2. Electric radiators are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Each model is aesthetically pleasing, combining functionality with elegance and design. In this way, your radiator will become a real piece of furniture, giving a hi-tech touch to your home sweet home. Goodbye unsightly pipes!

  3. No more annoying noises: you will wake up in a warm, comfortable and silent place. Radialight electric radiators are quite silent, unlike the old and dear pipes and radiators creaking and rumble as soon as the hot water begins to circulate.

To sum up:

  • Quick and economical installation

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Energy efficiency

  • Elegant design

  • Consumption customization

  • Antifreeze function

  • No annoying noise

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