Radiant ceiling panels: how do they work?

Pannelli radianti a soffitto Thermo by Radialight

Radiant ceiling panels are suspended heating devices producing heat by infrared radiation. Their are particularly indicated to heat limited areas within large industrial spaces (such as warehouses, gyms and sports complexes) in order to create real heat islands, meaning areas where the heat is located. Discrete and minimalist, they are an advantageous choice both aesthetically and energetically, as they are able to optimize the heating power by reducing the costs of use.

Compared to alternative heating systems (air-assisted, infrared lamps), radiant panels have numerous advantages:

  • Thanks to long-wave irradiation, the heat is directly absorbed by surfaces and bodies, avoiding the dispersion of energy by heating the air
  • They are silent
  • They locate the heating in the desired areas avoiding waste
  • They produce a homogeneous heat in the directly irradiated area
  • They do not raise dust or create drafts
  • Because of the absence of air movements, they are particularly suitable for rooms at risk of fire
  • Minimum operating costs, zero maintenance

Effetto radiante prodotto dai pannelli a soffitto THERMO

How to choose the correct radiant heating power?

The THERMO range of Radialight offers three different models of ceiling radiant panels able to meet different needs:

    Suitable for narrow and long rooms (eg corridors and transit areas) or for areas separated by partitions, HT22 radiators have a capacity of 1750 W. They must be installed at 2.5 - 2.7 meters from the ground, depending on the level of isolation and on the geographical area, and cover an area of about 5 m2 - that's why they must always be installed in series.

Pannello radiante a soffitto Ht22 Radialight

    Unlike HT22, these radiators are suitable for single and unmarked work stations too. With a power of 3500 W (2 resistors 1750 W), THERMO HT39 must be installed between 2.7 and 3.5 meters from the ground, depending on the environmental context. They are able to cover an area of about 12/13 m2 . When installed in series, they produce a pleasantly homogeneous heat intensified in the intersections with the radiating effect produced by the surrounding thermostructures.

Pannello radiante a soffitto Ht39 Radialight

    HT55 are the flagship of Radialight THERMO range. With a power of 5250 W (3 1750 W resistors individually activable), these powerful radiant panels need an installation between 3.2 and 4 meters from the ground and are able to heat larger spaces, covering an area of 16/17 m2. In the case of series installation, therefore, the heating power reaches high levels in the intersection zones, avoiding thermal bridges in the transit areas.

Pannello radiante a soffitto Ht55 Radialight

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