Glass front bathroom panel heater - DEVA

Essential lines, rounded edges Thin profile. The purity of glass, a natural material that accumulates head and releases it gently ... While furnishing your bathroom with elegance. 

Research by Radialight laboratories has produced DEVA, a unique radiant glass front bathroom panel heater, with a combined action.  DEVA is all you need: elegant furnishing element, perfect heating for the bathroom, and warm towels all year round.

Heating style

Heating style

The discreet, powerful turbo action heats the bathroom in just a few minutes, even for large bathrooms.  

The glass front, with its exclusive active inertia heating system, radiates all-round heat with low energy consumption, maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, and towels that are always warm.

Control system

Control system

Built-in Touchscreen controls DEVA is activated by touching the surface, and displays the temperature required, the time, and the operating mode.  COMFORT, ECO, ANTI-FREEZE, PROGRAMMED, TIMER. 

5 different operating modes for use to suit all needs and to ensure maximum energy saving.


• Electric, glass, towel warmer radiator
• Combined action heating
• Heats any bathroom, makes your towels warm and comfortable
• Touchscreen controls
• LCD display
• Many operating functions: adaptable to all needs and energy saving
• Built-in USB socket for charging smartphones
• 2 adjustable towel rails
• IP24 protection against sprayed water, ideal for installation in wet spaces
Prodotto conforme al Regolamento EcoDESIGN 2018


DEVA is available in the 1500W version with 3 colors: onyx white, mirror and onice, specchio d’acqua, volcano black:

EAN code
: 8019250233436

Dimensions (WxHxD): 52,0 x 105,0 x 12,5cm
Power at 230V: 1500W
Touch controls: Yes
Net weight: 17,0Kg
Color: Onyx white with brushed aluminium towel bars

EAN code: 8019250010204
Dimensions (WxHxD): 52,0 x 105,0 x 12,5cm
Power at 230V: 1500W
Touch controls: Yes
Net weight: 17,0Kg
Color: Mirror with brushed aluminium towel bars

EAN code: 8019250121313
Dimensions (WxHxD): 52,0 x 105,0 x 12,5cm
Power at 230V: 1500W
Touch controls: Yes
Net weight: 17,0Kg
Color: Volcano black with brushed aluminium towel bars

Main features


Weekly  programming

Open window detection

Open window detection

Keypad lock function

Keypad lock function


Phone  holder


USB 2A  socket



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