How to find the right electric heater for your home



When building or renovating your home with an electricity-heating system, it is inevitable to ask yourself several questions: "Which heating system works best to suit my needs? Among the available options, which one will weigh less on the bill? And how can I get a good level of thermal comfort? "

First of all, you need to understand the differences between the various electric heating appliances, in order to understand what advantages each of them can offer and which is the most suitable for your needs.


Let's start with a simple question: what is heat?


Heat is an energy transfer and its modes of diffusion are basically three:


1 - Heat conduction: the heat is transmitted through the contact between two bodies (eg heat that is transmitted from the tip of a turned on poker to its handle).

2 - Thermal convection: it is the natural phenomenon whereby a hot fluid tends to rise and a cold fluid to go down, so the air heated by the radiator rises while the cold air comes down to the ground (eg the water in a kettle is heated evenly, even if it is in contact with the stove only inferiorly).

3 - Irradiation: contactless propagation of thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves (eg the warmth emitted by a stove that spreads throughout the environment). 

How to heat up you terrace or veranda quickly and efficiently

With the arrival of the cold weather season the spaces outside the house are likely to remain unused due to low temperatures.

There are different ways to make them comfortable in every time of the year, maintaining a temperature allowing you to enjoy your terrace, veranda or garden even during the winter.

Most of the restaurants and pubs choose simple braziers - iron containers where to light a small controlled bonfire -, floor standing mushroom gas heaters or gas stoves. Generally this kind of devices are made of painted steel and equipped with an aluminum reflector: its emits the heat produced through LPG gas cylinders.

More and more people, however, choose a much more efficient and sophisticated way to heat up their outdoor environments: we are talking about electric energy heating lamps, high thermal output devices based on the principle of infrared rays. These halogen lamps ensure rapid and optimal heating of the surrounding area.


Let's see the advantages:


  1. Lower heat dispersion

  2. Immediate heat diffusion and rapid desired temperature attainment

  3. Nor combustion cylinders nor dangerous open flames

  4. 3 different types of installation (horizontal, on floor, suspended)

  5. Zero carbon dioxide emissions into the environment

  6. Can be used ad a furnishing accessory

Evaporative Cooler or Air Conditioning?

Raffrescatore Evaporativo Aer Pro contro il caldo estivo

 Evaporative coolers are devices able to lower the room temperature using the simple natural evaporation principle. Also called "evaporative fans", they are an excellent way to fight the summer heat through a pleasant and constant flow of fresh air.

How do Evaporative Coolers work? 

Evaporative coolers have an internal fan moving the air and caressing you with a pleasant breeze; moreover - through the evaporation of water and ice - are able to introduce lower temperature air into the environment.

Evaporative coolers, in fact, are equipped with a filtering system that makes the movement of the fan trigger the evaporation process, nebulising the water and the ice.

Radiant ceiling panels: how do they work?

Pannelli radianti a soffitto Thermo by Radialight

Radiant ceiling panels are suspended heating devices producing heat by infrared radiation. Their are particularly indicated to heat limited areas within large industrial spaces (such as warehouses, gyms and sports complexes) in order to create real heat islands, meaning areas where the heat is located. Discrete and minimalist, they are an advantageous choice both aesthetically and energetically, as they are able to optimize the heating power by reducing the costs of use.

Compared to alternative heating systems (air-assisted, infrared lamps), radiant panels have numerous advantages:

Why electric radiators are perfect for your holiday home

Riscaldamento casa vacanze Radialight


Heating a holiday home when nobody lives there can be senselessly expensive, as the occasions when the house is actually occupied are sporadic and limited in time.

However, not doing so would lead to a lot of problems with the pipes, costing you a lot and quickly ruining your idyll of a relaxing holiday outside the city.

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