Infrared low glare heater

Looking for a Smart and Efficient heating solution for your commercial or domestic environment that also doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of the place? Well...Look no further.

When it's there, your space comes alive with new excitement.  That's OASI, Radialight's new range of Low Glare Infrared Heaters.   An intelligent solution to heat your spaces, with a refined design and ultra modern technology. 

Thanks to the dual IR-B carbon heating system, the low glare infrared rays generated by the OASI radiate heat to your commercial or domestic spaces, with a unique style that is able to enhance any interior design.  

The Easiest and most Stylish solution to provide the perfect warmth to any Indoor or Outdoor commercial space.

Heating style

Heating style

The medium wave infrared radiation emitted by OASI provides a constant, even flow of heat.  It is not bothersome, is highly tolerable, is kind to your skin, and is comfortable. 

The OASI lamps use LOW GLARE IR-B Carbon heating technology: low glare infrared waves and diffused heat.  A perfect combination between immediate heat and reduced glare, to create a welcoming atmosphere in your spaces, that does not interfere with existing lighting.

Control system

Control system

The Smartest solution for the easiest Heating. How can you control the Comfort of each heating zone in your commercial or domestic spaces with the least effort?

Introducing OASI Remote control  the wireless solution that allows you to choose the comfort level for each zone in your spaces.

OASI Remote can control individually up to 6 OASI heaters and adjust the power output according to your desired level of Comfort (1000W or 2000W) from up to 30 mt. away, so its the perfect accessory for larger venues

OASI, however, may also be used without the remote control, simply connecting it to an external switch.


• Hi-tech stylish design, elegant, compact and sturdy.
• Easy to use: Wireless control for up to 6 units, using a single remote control, to optimise comfort.
Medium wave, low glare, IR-B Carbon heating elements
IPX 5 protection against sprays of water - ideal for indoor or outdoor installations
Multiple installation options: wall-mounted, suspended, pole mounted (sold separately).
Directional heat for maximum heating efficiency and minimum energy wastage
Adjustable from 25°to 45°
• Single or double installation on pole
100% Manufatured in Italy


Technical details


Oasi is available in 2 colors: White and Matte Black:

EAN code: 8019250900024
Power at 230V: 1000/2000W
Dimensions when wall mounted (WxHxD)
: 60,0 x 25,0 x 23,0cm
Net weight: 5,2Kg
Supply cord lenght: 4m
Color: White
: powder coated steel with aluminium reflector

EAN code: 8019250900017
Power at 230V: 1000/2000W
Dimensions (wall mounted - WxHxD)
: 60,0 x 25,0 x 23,0cm
Net weight: 5,2Kg
Power cord lenght: 4m
Color: Matte black
: Powder coated steel with aluminium reflector


Wall Mount

Infrared heater OASI Wall mounted

Ceiling Mount

Infrared heater OASI Ceiling mounted

Pole Mount

Infrared heater OASI Pole mounted

Find the product that better suits your needs

Heated area for wall or stand installations

Heated area for wall or stand installations

Heated area for ceiling installations

Heated area for ceiling installations

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Product dimensions



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