Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater - OASI HT

The OASI range of infrared heaters made by RADIALIGHT do their utmost to give you even more heat.
Design combines with performance, beauty of form is at one with heating power.

This is OASI HT, the brand new infrared outdoor patio heater by RADIALIGHT for heating and embellishing outside areas and verandas exposed to the wind, humidity in the air, and the weather.

This new range of weatherproof infrared heaters was designed to spread heat out over distance, in outdoor areas affected by wind and cold temperatures, where heated air cannot easily be contained (such as patios, restaurants verandas, alfrescoes atc. etc.). Heat is pointed into specific directions and instantly transferred directly to people, surfaces and solid objects, resulting in a pleasant warming effect.

Heating Style

Heating Style

OASI HT's halogen heating element generates short-wave infrared IR-A heating, that works just like the sun, having a warming effect the instant the heaters are switched on, so leaving you saving energy, keeping them switched off when an area is not occupied.

Its irradiation spectrum is not absorbed by the humidity in the air, and is perceived intensely even in outdoor settings, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor, making it the ideal product for patios, bars, restaurants or dining places, that need to maximise the access to their outdoor areas all year round.

A special aluminium reflector with a hammered surface, is able to reflect and propagate more than 90% of the thermal energy emitted by the high quality halogen heating element: energy efficiency meet high comfort and style.

Multiple installation options

Multiple installation options

OASI/HT has been specifically designed to work for outdoor use, against wind and humidity, and is certified to have a protection level of IP X5, so not directly exposed to the rain.

OASI HT features multiple installation options:
Wall-mounted using metal brackets, at an adjustable inclination in order to direct the heat where it is needed.
Ceiling mounted, or suspended right over the areas to be heated
Pole mounted, provided as an optional accessory, on which up to 2 units can be mounted.

Due to its outstanding performance, OASI HT can also be used in industrial and commercial environments, where "spot" heating is required.


• Hi-tech and stylish design, elegant, compact and sturdy.
• High thermal performance due to the short-wave IR-A heating technology and the special aluminium reflector with its hammered surface..
IPX 5 protection against sprays of water - ideal for indoor or outdoor installations
Multiple installation options: wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, pole mounted (sold separately).
Directional heat for maximum heating efficiency and minimum energy loss
Adjustable from 25°to 45°
• Single or double installation on pole
100% Manufactured in Italy

Technical details


Oasi HT is available in a unique Matte black version:

EAN Code: 8019250784518 
Power at 230V: 2000W
Heating element
: High heating performance halogen tube
Dimensions (wall mounted - WxHxD): 60,0 x 25,0 x 23,0cm
Net weight: 5,2Kg
Power cord lenght: 4m
Color: Matte black
: Powder coated steel with aluminium reflector


Wall Mount

Infrared heater Oasi HT Wall mounted

Ceiling Mount

Infrared heater OASI HT Ceiling mounted

Pole Mount

Infrared heater OASI HT Pole mounted


Heated area for wall or stand installations

Infrared Heated area for wall or stand installations

Heated area for ceiling installations

Infrared Heated area for ceiling installations

Product dimensions

OASI HT Infrared halogen heater dimensions


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