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The new generation of Radialight digital electric convector heaters SIRIO offers a hot new way to heat your home. With its modern design and clean lines, SIRIO is the ideal Low Consumption Convector to obtain a rapid and personalized heating of your rooms, providing at the same time a unique and high-quality home furnishing.

The internal aluminum core spreads into the room an enveloping warmththrough the "Natural Convection", ie without the use of fans or motors. No dust movements or annoying dry hot air currents will be created: the heat will be  distributed into the environment rapidly and homogeneously. Thanks to the integrated digital thermostat, SIRIO will keep the temperature constant with minimum energy consumption.

Weekly programming, open window detection sensor and LED display: everything is designed to achieve a rapid increase of the temperature and maximum energy saving.
SIRIO convectors are light and easy to install, thanks to the complete kit
that comes with every product. In less than 15 minutes you will benefit from the warm embrace offered by SIRIO.

Heating style

Heating style

SIRIO heats your home using the "Natural Convection": the cold air passes through the lower grid, is heated by the aluminum resistance and comes out of the upper grid. In this way, this new generation convector heater is able to heat your home in complete safety and quietly, thanks to the lack of fans and moving mechanical parts.
The digital thermostat allows precise adjustment of the desired temperature level, avoiding sudden heat changes and automatically modulating energy consumption when the room temperature reaches the set comfort level.

Control system

Control system

The new SIRIO LED display allows a practical and intuitive use of the convector heater.

1 LCD display - 2 Mode setting - 3 Function setting - 4 Up / down arrows - 5 Stand-by
SIRIO is equipped with an adjustable digital thermostat that allows you to control the room temperature with a 0.5°C accuracy.

Choose between 5 heating modes: Comfort, Comfort -1 ° C, Comfort -2 ° C, Eco - 3.5 ° C and Antifreeze mode.
Moreover, thanks to the Daily and Weekly Temperature Programming and to the Open Window Detection, SIRIO allows you to adapt its operation to your daily routine, reducing energy consumption even more.




  • Digital control system
  • Slim and elegant design - only 10.2 cm thick and rapid and uniform heat
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Silent operation: no moving mechanical parts (no fans or motor)
  • Energy-saving technology with consumption optimization
  • Daily and Weekly Programming
  • Open window detection sensor
  • Key lock function
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to the built-in assembly kit
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Optional wheels to make SIRIO portable
  • IP24 protection against water, ideal for installation in wet spaces as well

 EcoDESIGN Regulation compliant



SIRIO electric convector heaters range is available in 4 different models: 500W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W. Thanks its variety of dimensions and power, this technological convector is able to meet the needs of every home size.


EAN code
: 8019250199022

Dimensions (WxHxD): 45 x 42 x 10,2
Thickness from the wall: 11cm
Power at 230V: 500W
Digital display: Yes
Net weight: 3,9Kg
Color: White

EAN code
: 8019250199039

Dimensions (WxHxD): 65 x 42 x10,2cm
Thickness from the wall: 11cm
Power at 230V: 1000W
Digital display: Yes
Net weight5,65Kg
Color: White

EAN code
: 8019250199046

Dimensions (WxHxD): 85 x 42 x10,2cm
Thickness from the wall: 11cm
Power at 230V: 1500W
Digital display: Yes
Net weight: 7,15Kg
Color: White

EAN code
: 8019250199053

Dimensions (WxHxD)105 x 42 x10,2cm
Thickness from the wall: 11cm
Power at 230V2000W
Digital display: Yes
Net weight: 8,6Kg
Color: White

Main features

Weekly programming

Weekly programming

Open window detection

Open window detection

Keypad lock function

Keypad lock function

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Climatic zones

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